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Inner Circle Crystals

Crystals with a Purpose

Inner Circle is a home based business that I started when my daughter was born over 10 years ago now. As a former full-time visual effects artist for film in my 'other life' I decided to use my time at home after my daughter was born to begin designing and creating my own jewelry as well as delving deeper into the world of crystals and gems.

I grew up with crystals in my home and used them from a young age with the help of my mother to combat my severe anxiety and panic attacks.  Later I became a certified Crystal Healer. Now years later, I am happy to bring my knowledge and experience to the table in the hopes that I can help others. All of our jewelry is made 'with a purpose'. That purpose is to help you to heal yourself.

We also have a large and wonderful selection of crystal carvings, my other passion. I hand pick all of the crystal skulls and other carvings found in this store myself and I try my best to offer the best prices so that everyone can benefit from the beauty and energy of these lovely pieces.


Our Story

Often when someone comes to me for a reading, it is to heal some part of themselves or to help guide them in the direction of healing.  Crystals for me, can help bridge the gap between who you are now and who you are hoping to be by offering support for someone on that journey of self help and discovery.  I hope you enjoy our collection!

Meet Our Crystal Team

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